Backup Service

Data is very confidential part for each and every company. now a days how technology is growing like that new viruses, spams and internet attacks are gaining. There is solution on virus and attacks but if somebody delete data purposely or its got deleted by Mistake ?

That’s the reason we always suggest to our clients about data backup Solution.
Because we believe : “prevention is always better than Cure”

Hardware base solution
  • Dedicated tape drive
  • NAS storage
  • SNAP server
Software base solution
  • Copy backup
  • Scheduled Backup
    • weakly
    • Daily
    • Every half day
    • Hourly
    • Every half hour
  • Differential backup
  • Incremental backup
Key benefits of NAS or SNAP Server
  • Live mirror image
  • Use as a online storage
  • Reduce manually backup efforts
  • Easy to maintain